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We believe our shelf-stable cheese sauces are approaching perfection with rich, complex flavors accompanied by a smooth and creamy mouthfeel. Our available products range anywhere from cheddar to jalapeño and beyond. We also provide the option to create a customizable sauce either from your original recipe or building off of a product that we currently offer. We are confident that we provide a wide variety of options to suit any of your desired needs and applications.

♦ FSS Cheddar Cheese Sauce

This cheddar cheese recipe offers a pourable, smooth and creamy sauce with a rich cheddar flavor. Some popular applications for this sauce include hotdogs, soft pretzels, French fries, chips and more.

♦ FSS Jalapeño Cheddar

Our jalapeño cheddar has a savory cheddar cheese flavor with just the right amount of extra kick to create a bold and versatile sauce. This sauce used as a dip or a topping for nachos creates a winning combination.

♦ FSS Salsa Con Queso

Our Salsa Con Queso delivers a chef-quality Southwestern staple at an affordable price. The combination of cheddar cheese, pieces of jalapeño, red bell pepper, and spices give this recipe just the right amount of heat and flavor. This sauce is a delicious topper for burritos and makes a perfect chip dip.

♦ FSS Queso Blanco

Our Queso Blanco is a smooth, creamy and cheesy white sauce with pieces of jalapeño and red bell pepper that provide some mild spice while emulating the queso dip served at most Mexican restaurants. It is a perfect sauce for chip dipping, topping your favorite Mexican dishes, pretzel dip or more.

♦ FSS Nacho Cheese

This recipe combines our rich and creamy cheddar cheese with green chili and cumin to create that characteristic nacho cheese flavor that is perfect for enchiladas, nachos, chili con queso and more.

♦ FSS Pub Style Cheese

This recipe combines of our creamy cheddar cheese sauce with a tasty beer flavor to create the perfect dipping sauce for pretzels, chips and even veggies.
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