• We offer pouches for restaurants.

• 5-10lb pouches

• Pouch Benefits

• Fewer disposal fees
• You don’t have to worry about getting metal shards in your sauce
• A 10lb bag fits into a half pan on a make table
• Takes up less space in back of house 

• We offer a #10 can equivalent

• Our sauces are shelf-stable which saves space in your refrigerator

Business to Business

• Bulk includes totes

• 2700lb totes 

• We supply bulk sauces to

• Frozen Pizza Makers
• Commissaries
• Businesses that make meals to sell to consumers 


• Retail goes into the groceries, convenient stores and sell in their own restaurants

• Sauces that are sold in retail are put in Jars.

• Your brand in a grocery store can further promote your brand name.


• We offer PET jars for online sales

• There is no breakage

• It is cheaper to ship because there is less weight with PET.

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